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White Wine Cocktails

There are few things in life as enjoyable as relaxing at the end of a hard stressful day, with a glass of white wine. Relaxing in a candle lit bath, or a delicious dinner with the one you love – all can be greatly enhanced with a crisp cool glass of wine. However, for those who (gasp) do not like wine on its own, then why not try mixing it up and skolling it down.

Perfect for parties and social events, white wine cocktails can stretch your wine so it goes further! (always good in times of financial hardship).

Brain Sucking Demon


3 shots Orange Juice

2 shots Vodka

1 shot White Wine.

– Mix ingredients into a glass and skoll down. 

Please be mindful of the amount of alcohol you consume as binge drinking is just as harmful as excessive daily drinking. 

Please if you have a drinking problem, contact your nearest Chantry for guidance and help.

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