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A crazed Mabari attacks.

A crazed Mabari tore open a woman’s flesh and killed her as she poked her head through the fence while an army’s temporary camp was close to town in central Malkuth on Tuesday, authorities said.

“After poking her head through the bars she received a fatal bite to the neck from a Mabari penned during its treatment of the taint,” said a statement by the army Captain.

The hound’s teeth pierced the neck of 32-year-old Marianna Cappricio who died shortly afterwards, a witness at the scene told the Dark Times Chronicle.

The Mabari crazed from the ingestion of dark spawn blood suddenly turned to face the fence and charged it as the onlookers began to scream.

The Mabari “literally tore the neck apart shocking everyone who was there,” a witness reported.

Several soldiers tried to distract the beast by waving their arms and shouting in front of the animal. It finally turned away from the fence and eventually left for the other side of the pen.

Captain of the guard said they would hold a minute’s silence for the victim, a married mother of a 10-year-old girl, and expressed his deepest condolences and regret to her family.

In the past two months at least 6 people have been attacked and killed by affected Mabari in Malkuth.

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