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A Musical Harmony

A Must for All Music Fans      

Each year Brin Strelko, who was awarded a Grampa for his contribution to music, embarks on his annual pilgrimage to Adago, bringing with him marvellous Minstrel talents from Byra. This year he raises the bar with the release of the Malkuthian Confederate Music Festival program with another extraordinary series of appearances at various locations throughout the Confederacy.

Artists such as Malkuthian renowned flautist, Sergio Ivaniev Fabbrigero will perform in chantries, small halls and some larger taverns presenting a more classical array of excellent music as he joins Strelko all along the river leg of the tour.

Fabbrigero is known for his versatility and creativeness and the famous Malkuthian flautist is an interpreter of new music and has composed powerful and affecting music setting the stage for a magical world of sound.

As well as solo concerts, Sergio Ivaniev Fabbrigero will play with his friend and outstanding guitarist, Maximo Ropolini who will present the world premiere of his Malkuthian Confederate music in Adago before both players embark on a tour along the River.

The Festival opens in one of the most beautiful gardens in regional Adago – the heavenly Diaphanous Round Gardens in the outlying regions of Adago. Patrons will be treated to a Yaneskertiade, (based on the Blessed Age celebrations of sociable pastimes and the music of Yaneska), featuring  Fabbrigero and Ropolini who will be joined by Byrans; violinist, Hera Islanic  and cellist, Viccenxo Vanoscic.

Festival audiences will be regaled by other outstanding  performers who will perform with Festival favourite Anastacia Hathos, along with rising star flautist Stephano Jackowicz.

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