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A Tourney for a Change

Important Note: This page is not interactive:  If you wish to do the puzzle, please print the page.  We would hate to see pen marks and white out on your monitor.

Our hapless, not so well balanced knights always enjoy a good tourney but they didn’t often fare too well in it.  As a break from the routine Legion Tourney, a very prestigious event was organised with neighbouring countries.  All our knights participated but with very mixed results.  Can you match the opponent with the knight and where he came from?  Oh and don’t forget the result!

  1. A swordfight was arranged with Grey Warden Alistair of Ferelden but his opponent arrived late.  It wasn’t Ser Heath Galantry, he retired defeated, but not by Ser Chisolm.
  2. Ser Scott Land fought with the knight from Orzammar but the broken sword belonged to the knight who was challenged by the knight from Malkuth.
  3. The visiting knight from The Black Marsh was actually defeated by Ser Lance Sharpe.  He was not Ser Serge whose opponent tripped over his own feet.
  4. The contestant from Malkuth was not Ser Payne and neither of them fought with Ser Eustace Dohe.
  5. Ser Rhett a’ Flye was challenged by Corporal Faine whose home was not in Orlais.
Answers will be published in the next edition of the Dark Times Chronicle.




















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