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A Young Pinot Noir

An Excellent Young Pinot Noir to excite even non Pinot drinkers

The new label of Byra Valley winemaker, Leothodus Dilston with this wine sourced from a single vineyard site near the border of Adago, is definitely a wine label to watch and judging by the quality, a wine which will be popular amongst the nobles.

Like some of the very best Pinots found throughout Thedas, this is only very lightly coloured. Whilst it’s light in colour, the structure is hardly wanting, for the acid is firm, extraction is finely weighted  and power does not come masked in slutty fruit sweetness. Rather, this is a sinewy, berry and sap flavoured Pinot, with bright fruit, light flavours and no shortage of citrus acidity. It is an artfully made Pinot with real body and attraction.

I would highly recommend that this younger Pinot be drunk with seared Halla fillet or even a grilled Quail bird.

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