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Baldur’s Gate Redux: Irenicus’ Dungeon

Baldur’s Gate Redux: Irenicus’ Dungeon is the first playable module from the BGR Team, recreating the Baldur’s Gate 2 experience in the Dragon Age engine. The module features around 2 hours of playable content, covering the opening dungeon from the game. Custom content for the mod includes new abilities and classes, new creature and environments models, audio and dialogue from BG2, new equipment and new and modified game mechanics to bring the Baldur’s Gate experience to life.

This is a mod that is enjoyable by both novice and experienced players.  Low level PC characters are able to play this mod although the battles may be a little more difficult, they are still very much doable.


  • New abilities and classes with around 50 new spells
  • New room and prop models and textures
  • New creature models including goblins, golems and djinnis
  • 4 New followers – Imoen, Minsc, Jaheira and Yoshimo
  • Audio and dialogue extracted from the original game
  • Resting mechanic with fatigue penalty for tiredness and party camp accessible anywhere
  • New equipment including new weapon and armour types and new icons

The team will continue to release more of the game in a modular fashion and is always looking for new and experienced modders to help out.

You can watch the trailer or get in touch at the Dragon Age Nexus project page (below).


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