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Bear destroys Dalish aravel from within.

Mr Dwinurdrenn's aravel shortly before the attack.

Daeazair Dwinurdrenn of the Dalish was asleep in his aravel, which was parked in Windowmaker Woods, when he was jarred awake by the opening of the door.  Daeazair was shocked to find a large black bear only a few feet in front of him, clambering through the door and rummaging toward a platter of bread and cheese which sat upon his table.

As Mr. Dwinurdrenn escaped through a window near his bed, he heard what he later described as “a terrible roaring, clawing, splintering, cracking sound,” which he took to be the destruction of his exquisite antique table.  Before he had time to gather his wits, he claims the whole aravel began to rock back and forth and he was forced to dive into a nearby shrubbery to avoid being crushed as his aravel was tipped over, beginning its long descent downhill to crash into a stand of trees at the bottom.  Current speculation suggests that the bear was able to tip the aravel over by accidentally releasing the brake while enraged with hunger.

The commotion awoke Daeazair’s neighbors, and soon a party of hunters was gathered around the aravel at the foot of the hill.  When it became obvious that the bear was trapped in the wrecked aravel, the hunters began working in earnest to get the door open.  When they finally did, the bear darted directly off into the trees.  Though the frame of the aravel remained somewhat intact, its contents were almost entirely destroyed.

Mr. Dwinurdrenn said afterward, “The bread and cheese must have lured it.  I’ve lost my home and my breakfast both.”

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