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Brutal Killer Sentenced to Just 3 Years in Jail!

Lucan Joshua Alexan Mithon, the 42 year old former warehouse worker who pled guilty to the brutal slaying of a Chantry Priest earlier this year, may be back on the streets after serving as little as fourteen months for manslaughter.

Sister Adelia had been returning from her meditations in Denerim Lakes Park when she found Mithon apparently passed out drunk in an alley.  When she approached, Mithon, who was not passed out as the Sister first believed, reacted violently.  Heavily intoxicated on ale and whiskey and high on lyrium, Lucan jumped to his feet.  In court, he would later claim he was overcome by an uncontrollable rage at the Chantry Priest’s sudden intrusion.

Sister Adelia had been repeatedly kicked and stomped on during the attack.  The assailant left her broken heaped in the alley to soak in her own blood.  Though a passerby who chanced near the alley found the sister and rushed her immediately to the hospital, three fractured ribs, a lacerated liver, massive blood-loss, and severe brain trauma proved too much to overcome.  She died shortly after arrival.

Mithon’s lawyer said his client admitted to the murder to close family members and showed remorse before turning himself over to local authorities.  Sergeant Kylon recalls the man saying “Just take me away,” as he was arrested.  During the trial, Mithon frequently apologized to the victim and her family, often through tears.

According to court records, he had been drinking all day after an argument with his then girlfriend, though he claims to have been too drunk at the time to recall how he came into contact with lyrium.  Of the crime itself, he is quoted as saying, “I didn’t know it was so serious at the time.  I didn’t think she was going to die.”

Another factor which may have contributed to the leniency of the sentence came in the form of a letter addressed to the court and submitted as evidence.  Though the details of the letter have not been released to the public, we have been told the letter was written by Mithon’s sister, and that it contained an account of a physically abusive home environment which she and Lucan had shared as children.

When questioned afterward, Mithon briefly recalled an event in which his mother held a knife to his throat as a boy.

Justice Stefano Kall, having taken the evidence and circumstance into account, handed down the sentence of three year and four months in jail for the crime of manslaughter with the possibility of parole after fourteen months had been served.  In addition to jail-time, Lucan Joshua Alexan Mithon is forbidden access to alcohol for five years from the time of his release.  Access to lyrium is forbidden for the duration of Mr. Mithon’s life.

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