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Byra and its Symbols.

Byra, a prominent city-state in Thedas, is situated in the mountain region west of Goshen in the Confederacy of Malkuth.

Given its military pre-eminence, Byra is recognised as a leader of the overall Malkuthian forces that currently fight for survival against the Dark Spawn.  Although Byra and Goshen have many wars against each other, their principal enemy is the Dark Spawn that threatens their very existence and it is during these times of desperate need, that the city-states of Byra, Goshen and Adago, unite under one banner,  one flag, the Confederacy of Malkuth.

Byra is unique in the Confederacy for its social system and constitiution, which completely focuses on military training and excellence.  Its people are classified as Byran (citizens who enjoyed full rights), Molarfs (dwarven surface dwellers who joined the Byran Army), Elfters (Elves who joined the ranks of archers in the Byran Army) and Magikai (Mages who used their knowledge to defend Byra).  All the members of the Byran Army underwent rigorous training and education.  Byran women enjoyed more equality as well within the state than anywhere else in the Confederacy.

The Byran Flag

The Byran Flag represents the State of Byra.  It consists of the three stripes and the three stars that is on the Malkuthian Flag, however, it also depicts a bear on the left hand side.

The Flag of Byra State waving in the breeze.

To the people of Byra, the bear symbolises their strength, cunning and ferocity in the protection of their state from their enemies.  Whether that enemy is a sister state or Dark Spawn, they defend their borders, their lands and their people with a passion that, some say is unequaled.

The Dragon of Malkuth and the Bear of Byra meet.

The Byran Coat of Arms.

The Byran Coat of Arms has a Dragon and a Bear upon a shield.  The bear has the same meaning in its representation as it does in the Byran Flag.  The Dragon, is taken from the Confederacy Coat of Arms to show that Byra is a part of the Confederacy and unites with the Dragon.  It is believed that the dragon also symbolises that they Byrans see clearly, that although they are their own state, they are only a part of the bigger land of Malkuth and they can see clearly the far off dangers that could beset them.

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