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Byran father named Malkuth’s Father of the Year.

A Byran barman with a smile – and heart – a mile wide is Malkuth Father of the Year.

Nathanial  Smithson, 32, yesterday beat finalists from two other Confederacy states to be crowned Malkuth’s top dad in a ceremony at Corporal Cave in the State of Byra.

Mr Smithson and his wife, Jaine, have opened their door and their hearts to almost 30 foster children who have been orphaned after the many Dark Spawn raids in the state.  Even now he has a horde of five kids, four of them placed in his foster care after the last Dark Spawn raid.

Mr Smithson, a bar man at Messy Moe’s Tavern, was humble about his win.

”I’m just a regular dad doing what every good dad does,” he said.

Mr Smithson said he was lucky to have plenty of strong male role models growing up, even though his own father was killed during a Dark Spawn raid when he was just two.

Adding to the burden for Mr Smithson is the fact that his four foster children all have physical disabilities due to injuries sustained during the Dark Spawn attacks.

He was the toast of his family after winning yesterday’s award, although his wife and kids said he was already a winner in their eyes.

“The kids all adore him and think he is the best father out there,” Mrs Smithson said.

And how does he deal with a full-time job, a house full of kids, and a wife?

”A good sense of humour,” he said. ”And lots of ale.”

Mr Smithson and his family won a five-night holiday at Utopia, situated in the sleepy seaside village of Cefalu.

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