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Caff Valeria, coffee you will die for.

If the witch, Powaka, used coffee instead of Love potions, this blend might well be her potion of choice.

Caff Valeria is a sweetly seductive blend of beans from the Confederacy of Malkuth and Orlais, with a gentle caress of Ferelden Roast lending depth, soul and harmony.

Because this luscious combination pairs so very well with the sweetness of chocolate, it has become a Valentine’s Day favourite – and the coffee we most associate with romance.

Music lovers out there will recognize Valeria as the town where Brin Strelko wrote his epic love song  I’d Die for You. Many believe that he wrote that song while having a cup of this enchanting coffee and he was referring to that very cup of Caff Valeria, which, let’s face it, anyone would die for.

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