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Cefalu Music Festival

The next Cefalu Music Festival will be held over the upcoming  weekend.  Beautiful Lyecaia Beach and surrounding Cefalu will come alive to the sounds of a diverse line-up of entertainment, featuring the best of the Confederacy music industry, as well as famous artists.

This event is one of the top music festivals in the Cefalu region and is quickly developing a reputation throughout the Confederacy.  Come and join us where people of all ages soak up the music and party in the sun by the beach in Cefalu.

As part of the festival, performances are likely from  the Shadow Company Band, which was formed in Goshen.  It has become known as one of the finest military bands in Malkuth, with a reputation for musical excellence and impressive military appearance. With sold out audiences and standing ovations in the most unlikely places, the Shadow Company Band is sure to impress with their range. The 10 piece band under the baton of Major Pieter Thomiason will perform your favourite sing-alongs which ensures there is something for everyone to enjoy.

If the Shadow Company Band is not quite what your are looking for at the festival, then you can also have the pleasure of A Musical Journey with Liddia Stonehaven.  Ms Stonehaven is one of  Malkuth’s most consistent popular female entertainers and her one woman show is highly recommended. The show will feature Liddia’s tribute to some of her favourites including, Brin Strelko and Sergio Ivaniev Fabbrigero and of course all of her popular songs.  Liddia has appeared at every major Malkuth music show and has performed with many top artists on their Malkuthian tours. Liddia’s love of singing certainly shines through her passion for entertaining.

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