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Clubs ban Vuvuzelas

Clubs ban noisy vuvuzelas

FOUR Malkuthian Football League clubs have banned the annoying vuvuzelas from their games and others clubs are expected to follow.

Adago City, Adago Lakes, West Byra City and Goshen Valley, have already acted against the  much-reviled instruments, which annoyed millions of fans around the Confederacy during the Confederate Cup in West Goshen earlier this year.

A statement from Adago City said: ‘This decision has been made so that the enjoyment of supporters on matchdays, which is of paramount importance to the club, is maintained at a high level.’

‘Under the current safety regulations which outlines the Code of Conduct at games, you will see musical bands are disallowed. We would not allow vuvuzelas at games as they could be considered a weapon and could also be considered to be an annoyance to others,” the club spokesman said .

West Byra City’s statement said: ‘We can confirm that fans will not be allowed to bring vuvuzelas into the spectator section on matchdays.’

‘An overwhelming majority of Blues supporters said they didn’t want vuvuzelas to be allowed at games.’

The League’s new team Kray’s Harbourites were thought to be the only club welcoming them.

A Harbourites club spokesman said: ‘We haven’t really given any full consideration to vuvuzelas at the moment. We’ve had plenty of other things crowding our minds in regards to our debut season in the Confederacy League to prepare for.

‘Any decision will be taken in due course and in consultation with relevant supporter groups.’

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