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Dark Times: the Confederacy of Malkuth Mod.

But what of life, my brothers and sisters?

A Grey Wardens life is not without its burdens.

Dark Times dwell in these cold shadows where we stand vigilant, carrying out our sworn duty.

What happens when the glory is gone and the taint quickens the blood; when that grim grinning ghost of death looks upon you and calls your name?

What we do is necessary to stem the tide against the Blight – life is survival at all costs.

What choices shall you make and are you willing to bear the weight of their consequences?

– Last diary entry of Grey Warden, Rana Kray
A search for a cure to the eventual death sentence that comes as a result of the Joining leads the Grey Warden to the Confederacy of Malkuth, a loose collection of city states which exists south of Ferelden, beyond the Uncharted Territories.

ACT I – The Gift of Time

In order for the first quest of the mod to activate you must have completed the Broken Circle Quest in the Origins campaign. Any save loaded post Broken Circle Tower should activate the content. When the mod is installed, it will be located on the DLC tab on your Dragon Age menu.

– A lore based addition to the Dragon Age Origins campaign.
– Three new companions and a new pet.

– DAO companion interaction with the new story line

– 2 new specializations- FadeWalker and Necromancy (available to all classes)

– New school of magic – Hellblazer

– 32 areas to explore – mostly new but there are a few vanilla levels which have been adapted and used in new ways.

– The introduction of a new story arc for your Origins Warden and companions which takes place over the course of a five act narrative which will be released in sequential mods.

– Tie ins with Extended Community Canon Mods – The Bloodworks, Ser Gilmore Recruitable NPC, The Shattered War, Alley of Murders.
– and More 😉


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