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Diary of a Hitch Hiker – Entry 2

You know you can travel all around the place and be attacked by Dark Spawn, harrassed by bandits but well I never thought I would be caught up in the middle of a religious riot in Byra.  No siree Bobikins.  But yet that is exactly what happened and for a religion that is such a deep dark secret that no one has ever even heard of it.  I mean to say, what gives people?  Andraste would burn twice over if she saw what was going on.

After a wave of violence against Chantry followers in Byra suburbs, Reverend mother of the Byra Chantry decided to block any attempt to calm down the situation in nearby surroundings.

What started as a small fight between two groups of believers, just four months ago, now seems to have grown much bigger in size. Four dead farmers and many more injured after this weekend’s riot of Zuestic Holy Warriors, is starting to bother the local authorities.

No one is sure who started the conflict. One side claims they were attacked by Confessors after publicly announcing their new belief, while the people of second side say, that it was the Zuests, who plundered their fields and took all the grain deeper into the mountains, where they are believed to be hiding.

Zuesm, as the Reverend Mother says, ” is not a peacwful religion, like ours.  The main rule of the religion says, you are allowed to believe what you will but you should preserve your life at any cost.”  This, the Reverend Mother is convinced, can be very dangerous when adapted in a wrong way.  Now the Zuests are trying to turn everyone to their faith, and they do not accept no for an answer.

A large scale protest against the new religion is being prepared and supporters are coming from all over the Confederacy.  Authorities fear that there might be another violent uprising during the protest and thus they advise not to join in with the protest, if you don’t mean it seriously.

Like I said, Andraste would burn twice more over if she was here to see this.

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