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Direct Links for Second Edition.


(New) Local News:

  1. Wife Drought in Cefalu.
  2. Fishing Boat Attacked by Giant Viper Fish.

Confederacy News:

  1. Bear Destroys Dalish Aravel from Within.

World News:

  1. Brutal Killer sentenced to just 3 years in jail.

Sports News:

  1. Goshen City told to keep cool.
  2. Confederacy Football League game scores

Weather Report:

  1. Current Weather Report
  2. (New) Special Reports: Climate and weather, what is the difference?


  1. An Address to the Goshen Assembly by Senator Calvinus
  2. Audio file of the Senator’s address.


An Interview with Zue – DT:Com Dev Team Member.

Upcoming Releases: Myrdo: the Trials of an Ash Warrior.

Friends of Dark Times Chronicle: Other External Links

*Second Edition Bonus: To do list

(New) Response to a Request: Year to a Page Calendars

(New) Community Awards: A knighthood is given!

Sebastianna’s Food for Thought


  1. A Salmon Tart
  2. Crab Cakes
  3. Puftaloons


  1. A red wine cocktail.


  1. It’s Official! Ale is good for women too.

(New) Handy Hints:

  1. Handy Kitchen hints A-B

Travel through Malkuth


  1. Holiday in Cefalu?

Whats on in the Confederacy of Malkuth:

  1. Cefalu Music Festival
  2. Exclusive Offers for Dark Times Chronicle Readers

(New) Diary of a hitch hiker: Entry 1


  1. Current Road Conditions

Postcards from Malkuth

  1. Hirsigs Tower
  2. An Invitation


(New) Hot Gossip! All the local gossip from the residents of Malkuth.

  1. Interview with a fisherman.


  1. Last week’s Answers
  2. Spot the Difference
  3. Logically Logical
  4. Where’s Escargot?
  5. (New) What can’t you live without in Malkuth?

Games: Reversi

Staff Musings:

  1. Last edition’s answers
  2. Limericks
  3. Riddles and Jokes


Dragon Age Inspired:

  1. No one can like the Bann can.

(New) Mad Chat:

  1. All for Love

A Dog’s Thoughts: Dog Thoughts 2

Classified Ads

(New) Community Announcements:

  1. Lost and Found

Real Estate:

  1. For Sale
  2. For Rent

Positions Vacant: All Categories

For Sale:

  1. Pets
  2. With Wheels
  3. Boats
  4. Weapons and armoury.

Wanted to buy: Boats


  1. Personal
  2. Obituaries

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