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Direct Links for Third Edition


Local News:

  1. The Grelkin Preservation Society
  2. Byran father winner of Malkuth Father of the Year.

Confederacy News:

  1. Fisherman Stranded
  2. A Crazed Mabari

World News:

  1. Chant of Light burnt.

Sports News:

  1. More Trouble for CFL player.
  2. CFL Scores.

Weather Report:

  1. Current Weather Report
  2. Weather News: Rains soak Goshen
  3. Special Reports: What are high and low pressure systems (information courtesy of Aust. Govt. Weather Bureau)


  1. The Dwarven/Dark Spawn Connection


An Interview with – DT:Com Dev Team Member.

A Candle in the DarkHoliday Season Addition to this the third edition of the Chronicle.

(New)Dragon Age Essentials: A look at some of the older mods that enhance the Dragon Age experience.

  1. Ser Gilmore NPC

New and Upcoming Releases:

  1. Dark Times: the Confederacy of Malkuth Released.
  2. Dark Times: the Confederacy of Malkuth FAQs
  3. Baldur’s Gate Redux: Irenicus’ Dungeon Released.
  4. New “Letters to the Editor” page coming.

Friends of Dark Times Chronicle: Other External Links

*Third Edition Bonus:

  1. The Music of Yanka – is a friend of the Chronicle and of Dark Times: the Confederacy of Malkuth.  She is a talented composer and her music reflects this talent.

Response to a Request: Dot to Dot

Community Awards: None this Edition

Sebastianna’s Food for Thought


  1. Fruit Trifle
  2. Byran Vanilla Custard
  3. Soldiers on Horseback


  1. Dark Spawn Bites


  1. Caff Valeria, Coffee you will die for.

(New) Handy Hints:

  1. Handy Kitchen hints C-E

Travel through Malkuth


  1. Mount Muffin, an icy retreat.

Whats on in the Confederacy of Malkuth:

  1. Stone’s Brewery Tour.

(New) Diary of a hitch hiker: Entry 2


  1. Current Road Conditions

Postcards from Malkuth

  1. Beautiful Byra.
  2. Welcome to Byra
  3. Welcome to the Confederacy


Eye about Town! Interviews, facts and gossip from the residents of Malkuth.

  1. Interview with Irina (Warning: Adult Content)
  2. Byra and its Symbols.


  1. Last week’s Answers
  2. Spot the Difference
  3. Logically Logical
  4. Where’s Escargot?
  5. What can’t you live without in Malkuth?


Staff Musings:

  1. Last edition’s answers
  2. Limericks
  3. An Ode to Malkuth – Part 1
  4. Riddles


Dragon Age Inspired:

Mad Chat:

A Dog’s Thoughts: Dog Thoughts 3

Classified Ads

Community Announcements:

  1. Lost and Found
  2. Births, Deaths and Marriages

Real Estate:

  1. For Sale
  2. For Rent

Positions Vacant: All Categories

For Sale:

  1. Pets
  2. Boats
  3. Weapons and armoury.
  4. Personal Ads
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