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1. Where do I download the mod from.

The mod can be downloaded from the following sites and also there is a torrent available for those who wish to download through Utorrent or other torrent programme.

Mirror # 1 MediaFire



Mirror # 2 Megaupload



Mirror # 3 DropBox


2. How do I install the mod?

Once you have all 8 parts of the mod downloaded, please unzip the first file.  It will contain a dazip which will automatically locate the other parts and unzip as the full dazip needed to be installed.  Also, please ensure from the unzipped folder, that you unzip and install the resources folder.  This folder should be installed in your My Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/Packages/Core/Override folder located on your computer.  Please ensure these resources are unzipped and installed properly as failure here will lead to issues with the mod working correctly.

From the original unzipped folder, drag the dazip to the daupdater located in Program Files/ Dragon Age/bin_ship folder.  Press the Install Selected button.

Once the daupdater has installed the mod, open up your Dragon Age game.  The mod will only be initiated after the Circle Tower Quest .  After you have completed the quest, visit the Prancing Pony at Lake Calenhad and look for Remiel.  If you do not see him, save your game, exit and then reload and he will appear.  This is not a bug, but is the way the mod has been designed.

Please note, that you will need to install Fixpacks 3,4 and 5 to fix any of the bugs that have been reported since the release of this mod version.

To download the fixpacks, please visit the files section of the Dragon Age: Dark Times Act I Released project page on the following link.

To install the fixpacks, please unzip them after downloading and move the .fev and .fsb files into /My Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/AddIns/DTComFix/Module/audio/sound folders.

All other files in the fixpacks are moved to / My Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/packages/core/override/dt_act_one_fixpack_v1_0x (x being whatever the pack number is.)

3. What do the Fixpacks fix and are they necessary?

Fixpacks you will need to download fix the following reported bugs and are necessary to make your play of the mod as enjoyable as possible:

– End of the game plot flag now activates the map and world travel Objects
– Fixed Olen Kray’s double line.
– Fixed missing stage concerning Thazulok and Waif

– Archon Haven Party Camp has been improved, added wildlife, Also added more features
– Archon Haven now allows for looking at the inventory of all party members.
– Party Picker when exiting the camp opens on a dirty hack right now.
I’ve done some moderate testing and it seems that there are no issues.
– Juron Dialog Fixed, He won’t ignore you now.
– Lost Scouts quest has been tweaked, Claymore and Mouse will leave the party
upon entering Shadow Hall.
– Thazulok will now remain locked during his quest as long as you open the party picker.
– Miriam Issue fixed. You will now be teleported to Jaquelyn’s House when you agree
to help her.
– Arena Stone dynamic stage removed, It doesn’t like placeables.
– Grelkin will no longer automatically die when doing the slaver quest, now they will
reappear next time the area is entered.
– Lilly, Matthew, Galrian Releveled
– Holding Positions Legion Board Quest Offer returned to Jorun dialog.
– Be All You Can Be – Added Journal entry to Brothers Challenge.

– Code has been restructured hopefully to make more efficient
– There was a typo in the locking Thazulok code, It has been fixed
– Typo in dragon follower’s tag has been fixed.
– Rewrote the ferelden party camp code, again more efficient and hopefully less bugs
– Moved some core script code into prcscr, hopefully more efficient.
– fixed a typo in a debug script
– fixed the ferelden transport doors.
– Added inventory to the placeables inside the naris cave and fort ilamynir.
– Fixed Lovers Quest Plot Not Updating
– Fixed dialog bug with Walf that prevented you from completing quest if you told him you
didn’t care about what happens to the child.

Other fixpacks will be released as bugs are reported.

Thank you for downloading the mod and I hope this has been of some use to those who are still experiencing problems.  We are aware that the 8 parts do get a bit confusing, but although you only need to extract one part, all parts need to be downloaded.  We hope you enjoy playing DT:CoM and welcome any feedback you wish to post.


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