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Exclusive offers for Dark Times Chronicle Readers.

With Cefalu conveniently located by the beach, why not take a chance on some of the other activities on offer.  Have you ever felt like canoeing?  Here is your chance, whether you would like a day trip or a romantic evening with the one you love?

Try one of these Exclusive offers from the Cefalu Sea Canoe Company and you will not regret it.

Cefalu – Sunset Paddle. Watch the sun go down in style and enjoy the sights of Cefalu

Trip cost: 10 bronze coins per person.

Cefalu Bay Discovery: This tour offers you an excellent opportunity to venture out into the ocean. You paddle the bay and enjoy the view along the coastline west to Kray Harbour. Relax as you take a break for a swim, snorkel and enjoy a tasty morning tea.

Trip cost: 15 bronze coins per person (includes morning tea)

Please be aware that the management of Cefalu Sea Canoe Company takes no responsibility for any loss of life or limb that may befall you while on any of their tours due to Viper Fish attacks.

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