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Fishing boat attacked by giant viper fish.

Werner Blackstone and his friend Jacobus were fishing from a small boat off the coast of Cefalu when they were attacked by a rare giant viper fish, a species known to be virtually blind.  Since the monstrous fish navigates primarily by sound, it may be that the fish simply had not heard the fishermen as it approached.

“We were not shouting or making any loud disturbance to the water and so the viper fish just didn’t know we were there,” said Werner Blackstone, recounting the event.  “We were in the wrong boat, in the wrong place, at the wrong time.”

Blackstone’s friend Jacobus gave a slightly different account, saying “It was revenge, sure enough.  A bucket full of ‘is brethren was just too much, I say.  It was a deliberate warning.”

Viper Fish by Cefalu Impressionist, Lea Thwey

Jacobus first noticed the giant fish in the distance, but paid little heed until it resurfaced a mere ten meters from the boat.

Mr. Blackstone recalls, “I heard my friend shout and when I turned, that huge thing was already breaching on to the deck.  The mast was crashing down right on top of us.  I saw Jacobus was diving behind the boats steering arm, so I jumped the other way.  It was a close thing, that mast nearly got us.”

“As soon as I realized that we were unharmed by the attack, we checked to see how much damage had been done to the boat,” said Werner.  “Luckily, the boat was intact, ‘cept for that mast, so we hurried for the shore.

Though physically unharmed, both men were shaken up by the attack.  Jacobus swears never to fish in those waters again, but Werner Blackstone has promised to return with a bigger boat and a strong net.

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