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Holiday in Cefalu?

Looking for that quiet sleepy little seaside town?  The perfect place to rest and relax after the bustle of city living.  Then why not take a trip to Cefalu situated in the Confederacy of Malkuth?

Cefalu, isolated but picturesque.  A place where everybody knows the name of their neigbhors and have to rely on each other because of the dangers of the surrounding terrain. offers  Don’t believe us, then listen to what others have had to say.  You will be amazed.

“Being a female you will be constantly stared at in Cefalu. I am not even blonde and actually look like I come straight from bed with my hair tousled and a bit knotty, no makeup or other adornments but still, I’m constantly under the watchful gaze of the men in this small seaside village”. – Miss Marlie Mignon

“Cefalu centre is small, but there is a very reasonably priced tavern, Utopia. The wine there is okay, but you do get hassled a far bit of time by those looking for a good time. I wish I knew what the fascination with seeing a woman was”. –  Levitia Snythin

It is easy to get to Hirsig’s Tower for the Friday seafood market held in its shadow.  I would highly recommend a trip there as the seafood is as fresh can be and the variety is great.

“I love the Cefalu beaches. They are very clean and tidy and the people are very friendly. The beaches are also safe for children as there are very few of those non humans lurking around waiting for the chance to steal a child for whatever reason they see fit”. –  Mrs Thadias Clurry

“Malkuth is a beautiful country. We stayed a week in Cefalu, a quiet seaside village. There isn’t much nightlife in Cefalu, unless you stay at the Utopia Tavern that offers entertainment from time to time.  The bar in the tavern was the livliest place in town”. – Mr Thadias Clurry

“We stopped at the Botani stall in Cefalu and the vendor made us look around his stall at the what he was selling! A note of advice about the Botani merchant… he wants you to “just look” at his stall but be prepared to haggle and to be told it’s “cheaper than Cornithia’s price!”. (although we never did find Cornithia.)” – Abysinthe Turlow

“The tavern, Utopia, where we stayed had an excellent location,  10min walk to the beach. We went on the 2 day walking trip around Widowmakers Woods, which was excellent, even though we were attacked a few times by the Grelkins.  It was a wonderful walk though and time well spent.  It was definitely well worth it. I would recommend the area and also Widowmaker Woods Tour Operator: Issam Qu’estgar.” – Angny Ormtorough

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