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Interview with a Fisherman

We’ve been walking through the streets…the street of Cefalu, trying to pick up a suitable adept, who would withstand our interroga…intergora….interview. Though one can find interesting people here, both of them were abroad and so, we decided to talk to common folk, who always have an ear to the ground for the latest gossip or something to complain about.

"Jumbo" the local fisherman.

We were unable to get from our respondent, for this interview, his name so, we decided to call him Jumbo.

Jumbo has lived in Cefalu his whole life and as he claims, he tries to catch fish for a living. You may discover later, even this is not as simple as it used to be.

Interviewer: Good day to you sir, do you mind if we ask you few questions?

Jumbo: Yes!

Interviewer: Could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Jumbo: Readers? What reader? Are you mocking me? I can see you pointy ears, you bloody scoundrel! You ate all my fish! Before your cursed race came to this city there were plenty of them, but you ate them all! I used to live like a king, just selling them all, you hear me?! Like a king!

Interviewer: I take it you are a fisherman?

Jumbo: No! Can’t you hear me? There are no fish here! Aren’t you a little dull for an elf? And a small one too. You must be the second sort. Oh yes, I remember you, wider then taller, always drinking my beer. Then I come to the inn, when I finally have money…and there is no booze. Curse you!

Interviewer: Shouldn’t you buy some food instead of drinking then?

Jumbo: My wife is always telling me that very thing.  Did she put you up to this? Hunger, that’s just disguised thirst, just so you know and I drink, to forget about that bloody witch.

Interviewer: What would you tell tourists interested in visiting Cefalu?

Jumbo: We have no fish. No fish at all! I used to live like a king, you know. Like a fish king, I was. Now there are no fish, no booze and no women.

Interviewer: What do you mean, no women?

Jumbo: Just no women. None! One day they were here and second…puf, nothing.

Interviewer: Do you know where they are now?

Jumbo: Women, women, always women. Why no one cares about missing beer? No one thinks of fish! Always, women here, women there. No, I have no idea where they are! People say some big black evil took them. I bet it’s the work of those elves! They took our women and turned them into men is what they did.

Interviewer: There are no elves around. Doesn’t that prove it’s not their fault?

Jumbo: There are no fish around, yet we still have salmon tarts, smart-ass.

Interviewer: There are rumors that Grey Wardens have been seen around the Cefalu, do you know anything about it?

Jumbo: Huh? What warden? The only warden I know guards the gate and he is not that old to be grey. You must have seen him.

Interviewer: Ah, no sorry, I didn’t.  Is there anything special Cefalu has, that no other city does?

Jumbo: Yes. We’ve got a bloody ocean with no bloody fish.

Interviewer: It was nice talking to you, I’m sure our readers will appreciate your contribution.

Jumbo: (mumbles something which is better left unprinted).

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