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Interview with Irina (Warning: Adult Content)

Many are forced to work in her line of work, but she is one of few that actually enjoy it. As she claims herself, she enjoyed the job since she was 16 and wouldn’t change it. In this issue interview we visited local pub The Pink Pony, that offers entertainment for both men and women of all ages. (This is where child friendly part ends so if you are not 18+ you can’t possibly have any idea what are we going to talk about)

Irina, also known as The Fiery Lady (and it’s not because she is burning) introduces us to the world of mature world of fun.

Z: It’s nice to meet you Irina, I know you are famous all around the Confederacy, but could you tell us a little about yourself?

I: Of course, my name is Irina, but most people know me as The Fiery Lady. I work here, in the Pink Pony brothel for over ten years now and apart from that I really enjoy the music. I actually got a chance to meet here Brin Strelko, just few days ago.

Z: You mentioned you started in early age, at 16, what about your parents? Were they happy about your career choice?

I: It wasn’t really the early age, I wish I would started sooner. Most of my co-workers started so much earlier, so when I came here it was really difficult to be a part of the family. They all already knew each other for such a long time.

But I found great support in my parents. My mum has always been exciting that I decided to work and take care about myself on my own. Ever since I started to work here, they could travel on vacation three times a year, instead of labouring on the fields. My dad wasn’t sure about it, in the beginning, but he soon realized it’s better this way for all of us.

Z: You’ve chosen this career, what led you to it? What do you like about it? Is there anything you’d change if you could? Why do you think there is so few people who do it with passion?

I: There are so many questions at once (smiles). I’ve always wanted to be my own woman and have the job that would allowed me to do things I want to and those I love doing. Also pay is good.

I like many things, but I just love people here. My clients, they are just all so different in their need, yet they seem to find all they need here. This work can be dangerous, though. Last time I tried to satisfy all my client’s needs, I ended up with few broken bones. It’s also common to get this little incident that will disallow you to work for over 9 months, though we just get very good health insurance programme, in association with The Happy Group of Mages of Byra, that can get rid of this problem in it’s first 3 months.

What was the last question? Something about the passion? I think you will find out there is just too much passion sometimes, without doubts more then anywhere else, though it’s true you are not always in mood for this, I think it happens in every job and it surely happened to everyone.

Z: What was the worst experience while working here?

I: I might have notice the warning, you need to pay extra for the bed. I must say it is there because of me. One night, when I was doing my routine night work, I just got little bit carried away and kinda broken all the furniture in the room. They had to take me away bandaged, cause I was bleeding all over my body, but till this day I think it was worth it. Come to think of it, it wasn’t all that bad, not like that horse thing…yuck! I advise you never to ask why is this place named The Pink Pony.

Z: So why is this place named The Pink Pony?

I: You are a very bad person asking me this. There was once a Pony…and it became pink…and I was there and few other people were there as well, that’s all you need to know. I hate magic.

Z: What would you recommend to the readers?

I: Massages are great, I have to say that, the girls are doing a fantastic job, I was there several times myself and though you might feel dizzy for a while, it relaxes your whole body. VIP room, of course, is one of the best, but I think that if you want something special you should try “Holy Loly Moly Poly” special, I’m the expert.But it’s a surprise so you will have to experience it first.

Z: How do you maintain your relationships? Are your friends and boyfriend happy about your job?   

I: I don’t have a boyfriend, so no one is jealous at home. I guess it might prove bit more difficult then I expected to find a man who can wash dishes, iron the cloths, do the laundry, sweep the floor and cook at the same time so I can watch the brawl and drink beer. Nah, I’m just joking, I don’t like beer.

Z: Is there anything you would like to tell to our readers?

I: Yes one thing. They are right, horses are myth!

Z: of course, right, thank you for the interview and hope to see you again soon.

I: I’m sure you will.

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