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Pick the Kids.

Five children are enjoying pony rides at the Crowley’s Circus in Cefalu.  Each child is sitting on a pony with a different coloured blanket and the mother of each child is keeping a wary eye on her son or daughter.  Can you identify the mother of each child, the age of her child, the pony’s number in order and the colour of the pony’s blanket ridden by her child?

  1. None of the children ride a pony with the same number as their age.
  2. The youngest child is riding on the pony with a blue blanket, but she is not under the watch of Mrs Blackstone, whose son is on the fourth pony.L>
  3. Zachary Singer is six months older than William whose pony has an orange blanket and is lower in the order than Zachary’s.
  4. The green blanket is on the first pony ridden by little Master Erksome who is six months older than Jemima who is on the third pony.
  5. Mrs Tavernius has not taken her watchful gaze from the pony with a yellow blanket ridden by her four and a half year old.
  6. The pony fifth in order has a red blanket.

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