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Lost and Found


One small doll of shoddy quality.  Found in the dense woods near the town of Cefalu.  Though a bit mangled and chewed, the doll looks well worn.  It was likely the favorite toy of young girl, so I am disturbed to have found it in such a dangerous place.  I cannot help but fear the worst.

If the owner still lives, you may find me for a time at the Utopia Inn.  If unclaimed within two nights, I will assume that the owner has perished and shall claim rightful ownership of the property.

Pray you are well!



Ring of exquisite design and magical make. Forged from blackened iron, the ring possesses a blood red stone at its apex, and is intricately fastened by an encircling dragon.  Though birthed deep within the vast Tevinter lands, the ring has been whispered to have reached the south-eastern regions of Ferelden, well within the borders of the Malkuthian Confederacy.

Although the exact whereabouts of its disappearance are unclear, it is believed that clues to its exact location may be found within the regions of Cefalu, Goshen, and the Kandari Badlands.  This information, however, is speculative at best and presumed to be rumor until proven otherwise.

Should this wonderful creation be found, please use caution! It has been known to cause incredible bouts of paranoia, bleeding gums, and, in some cases, severe hair loss.  Additionally, the bearer may encounter the severe desire to slit the throats of their companions. Fortunately, however, any such side effects will be hastily removed by the ring’s original owner as reward upon its return.

Please use standard quill, ink, or courier in reply to this posting. E-mail, text messaging, or the wide variety of social networks – Facebook, Twitter, BSN, and the like – have yet to be discovered in the lands of Thedas, and will be quickly returned as ‘undeliverable’.

I anxious await its return in order to reunite it with its companion.

– Lovias.

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