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More Trouble for CFL Player.

The investigation, of the Confederacy League Football star Byron Hammersten’s alleged indecent act last Spring has begun by authorities.

Adago authorities this afternoon confirmed an investigation is under way into allegations of an “indecent act” at Byra in the Confederacy’s mountain area one weekend last Spring.

A woman is believed to have made an official complaint about Hammerston allegedly exposing himself to her during a community picnic organised by the Chantry.

Authorities have said the investigation is in its “initial stages” and no further information was available to us at this time.

Meanwhile, the CFL  may still come down on Hammerston even if the investigation into allegations of indecent behaviour clear him.

The hard nose attitude comes amid claims Hammerston exposed himself to a mother of four after luring her to an alley with an offer of a football for her children.

CFL operations manager Adama Pittigrew told the Chronicle this morning the league would wait until Adago authorities had investigated the matter before launching their own investigation.

“At this stage we need to ask more questions and need to get to the bottom of this and need to do so in a way that doesn’t interfere with the authorities’ action,” he said.

“We’ve been in touch with Adago authorities from late Tuesday afternoon and are waiting further advice from them.”

He said even if authorities investigating the allegations didn’t find evidence of a criminal offence, Hammerston may still face CFL disciplinary action if the league found evidence of misconduct.

The latest in a string of off-field controversies has seen the injured CFL player, who has played just one season with Adago City, yesterday suspended indefinitely by the club and facing an investigation by the league.

Hammerston last night declared his innocence and vowed to explore all possible channels to clear his name.

“It’s bloody bull mate, I’m not even sure what they’re saying I’m supposed to have done,” Hammerston said.

Asked yesterday about the allegations he exposed himself indecently to a woman and made lewd remarks, Hammerston said: “Nah, that’s not true mate. Nobody better write that because it didn’t happen.”

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