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Mother kills baby daughter

Mother’s stress kills daughter

A mother accidentally killed her baby daughter after surviving a Dark Spawn attack on the road while returning to her home village, Redcliffe, Ferelden.

FAMILY members are mourning the death of a Redcliffe baby girl who apparently suffocated beneath her mother’s enclasped hand when the woman was trying to keep the child quiet as they hid from raiding Dark Spawn.

After visiting family in near Lothering, Martina Annelise Otisad died last week on return trip to Redcliffe, Ferelden.

Her mother, whose name was not released by family members, in an effort to avoid a marauding band of dark spawn, climbed a tree and then in an effort to keep Martina quiet, placed her hand over the child’s nose and mouth. Unfortunately, due to the high stress of the situation, Martina’s mother didn’t realise how much pressure she was using as her hand pressed into the child’s nose and mouth which blocked the airways and Martina’s ability to breathe.

“Investigators into the death believe Martina suffocated because she was not injured in any other way”, Strachan Otisad said.

“We are beside ourselves with shock and grief,” Mr Otisad wrote in a message to The Dark Times Chronicle.

The mother is recovering from shock and grief and investigators are yet to press manslaughter charges, however did advise that charges could possibly be laid later this evening.

Along with her parents, Martina is survived by two half-siblings, Mazco and Chlorissa Otisad. Services are still pending.

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