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Muffin Mountain, an icy retreat.

Muffin Mountain is a lava dome and it was formed in a series of eruptions 40 000 years ago.  It still produces hazardous volcanic gases that kill some trees and have caused the unaware traveler fatalities in more recent times.  But don’t let this put you off holidaying there.  There are less people killed in this manner every year than those killed by dark spawn.

Muffin Mountain is the ideal location to get away from it all and return to the basics.  The accommodation is comfortable although not luxurious, but the atmosphere of comradery that exists amongst the visitors and tourists is beyond reproach.  Don’t believe me?  Here is what some Goshen girls said of their time on the mountain.

“From Goshen we went on holiday to Muffin Mountain.  A group of single girls, we found it to be a well equiped holiday destination with a good tavern, which had lovely dining and great rooms.  Although we decided to stay in a larger hut a few metres away from the tavern, we did visit other people in their rooms.  Our hut was comfortable and it was great.  We looked out on the vast snow and ice terrain by day and partook of the excellent party scene by night!  There were no dark spawn here and we could relax.  Maybe they are too scared of the cold, but for whatever reason, it was great to just sit and relax and have lots of fun.”

Give Muffin Mountain some serious consideration the next time you would like to get a way from it all.

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