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Here in the News section of the Dark Times Chronicle, you will find newsworthy reports from the Confederacy and from the world.  We will also cover Sports (football being the only one played so far) and our Editor and Chief’s, Editorial.  We will also keep informed of the latest Weather Reports for the Confederacy of Malkuth so you can plan when you will wash those clothes and have them dry.

Local News:

    1. The Grelkin Preservation Society
    2. Byran father winner of Malkuth Father of the Year.

      Confederacy News:

      1. Fisherman Stranded
      2. A Crazed Mabari

      World News:

      1. Chant of Light burnt.

      Sports News:

        1. More Trouble for CFL player.
        2. CFL Scores.

          Weather Report:

            1. Current Weather Report
            2. Weather News: Rains soak Goshen
            3. Special Reports: What are high and low pressure systems (information courtesy of Aust. Govt. Weather Bureau)


                1. The Dwarven/Dark Spawn Connection
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