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Pets For Sale

Byran Chocolate point kittens for sale.  Cute and cuddly kittens, 3 female and 2 male, who will grow up to be great mouse catchers are currently ready for sale.  Please inspect today.  Contact Erma Villiers, Cormmort Rd, Byra.


Mabari Pups for sale. Loyal and intelligent breed of dog.  Suitable for all Warriors and Rogues.  5 Males and 2 Females weaned and ready for new homes now.  4 Males and 6 Females available in 6 weeks time.  For further information and prices, contact Syrias Backelfack, 12 Devine Place, Goshen.


We are a registered breeder of lop eared Nugs and currently have a beautiful litter of 6 dwarf lop Nugits. There are 4 doe’s and 2 bucks. Colours range from grey to white, broken wolf point and blue raven. Mother is a blue raven, father is a blue eyed white raven carrier. The Nugits are pet quality and not suitable for showing purposes as their ears have not lopped properly. The Nugits will be able to leave the nest in 6 weeks ONLY.

A 50% deposit will be required when you have chosen your Nugits and the balance is payable on collection at 8 weeks of age.

Interested? Please visit us in Byra Markets and we will be happy to show you to your next pet nug.


Deceased Warrior Estate

Mabari x Orlesian Ridgeback (as far as we can tell)  for sale.

Previous owner died in local battle at Byra.  Dog is all that is left of his Estate.  If you would like a good guard dog, please contact Sybillia at the Byra Inn.

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