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Positions Vacant

Positions Vacant.

Sacrificial Lamb wanted.

Local mage is looking for an innocent to use as offering to the spirit in the fade.  Must be pure of heart and without disease.  All applicants please fill out an application at the Botani Merchants stall in Cefalu.  The successful applicant will be contacted in person by me, the local mage.



The opportunity to work in central Goshen for a 5-Star Tavern is currently at your fingertips!

Have you ever dreamt of working by day and partying by night in a city within the Confederacy?

We are currently hiring for a range of tavern positions from bar tending to kitchen hand and everywhere in between! We are looking for staff to commence now.

We are hiring for the following positions:

Hospitality Staff

Wait, Bar, kitchen Staff

Cooks & Kitchen Hands



Successful applicants can have everything organised for them including travel arrangements and costs if applying from outside the Goshen area.
Before applying, please ensure you…

Are between 18-31 years old

Have no significant criminal history

Are an enthusiastic & vibrant person

Let’s face it, you don’t want to be a part of that minority who never took the time to experience another state & culture, thinking ‘what if?’ forever!

Send in your resume today!



FARMHAND is req north of Adago City. Must have harvesting exp. Honest & reliable.

Send Application to:  Ernstance Veruka, Appalachias Farm, Cefalu

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