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Public Announcements


Noeline and Ezra Bestian of Goshen announce with pleasure the engagement of their youngest daughter Jemima to Jesse, youngest son of Annelise and George Frogworth.  Celebrations to be held on the next full moon at Lothanders.

Elaine & Alan Woods together with John and Jenna Famile are absolutley delighted to announce the Engagement of their eldest children, Rachel and Jared.  Byra will celebrate the upcoming nuptuals after Jared graduates the Academy next Spring.


Rosie and Gosta with Ann and Jeff joyfully announce the Marriage of Ellena and Roberto at noon today, at the Adago Chantry.

Death Notices

BRAFFICK, Elvia of Goshen.  Dearly loved wife of Molaet and loved mother to Johanna.  Friends and family are invited to attend Elvia’s funeral at the Goshen Chantry on Friday.

Baldur – RIP Beautiful boy you are missed.  You are not gone, only lost and I will find you.  M

ONN Daniel –  Members of the Cefalu Soccer Club are invited to attend the Funeral of Past President and Patron, Daniel Onn, to be held in the Museum of Light, Cefalu, next Tuesday at sunrise.

PERCIVAL,  Douglas Liall (OMM) raised 13 children even as he served his Confederacy in a military career spanning more than three decades, including service in wars in North Goshen and the shores of Byra.

Later, his service to the community would earn him an Order of Malkuth Medal.

Percival was born in Rutan’s Pass, Malkuth,  the youngest of John and Eliza Liall’s seven children.

His father was a full-time farm hand so young Percival’s education was sporadic as the family moved from town to town.

For a time, his father was lucky enough to have full-time work, and a coded sign on the gatepost let poor travellers know they could always get a meal from the Liall household before they humped their back packs to the next town. It was a lesson in generosity that Percival never forgot and he was later to enthuse many young people with the same spirit of selfless giving.

Percival joined the Byran Army  and was posted shortly after to North Goshen with other Byran warriors..

There, his unit withstood the all-conquering Dark Spawn during the siege of Brookborough which is all but forgotten now.

Goshen propagandist labelled the Byran soldiers the “poor rats of Brookborough”, a name proudly adopted by the troops. Private Percival Liall steered a catapult carrier during this and following battles, always proud to be an “original” Brookborough Rat.

Percival was “a passionate and highly competent engineer who displayed great skill and courage” said his former commanding officer.

Percy retired in 1972 as a Regimental Sergeant Major, the highest rank available to an enlisted man in the army.

In civilian life he and Kath opened two House of Cane outlets at West End and Sunnybank, selling furniture even as he continued contract painting.

Percival also guided three sons through apprenticeships as weaponsmiths.

He retired and with the help of their tradesmen sons he and Katherine built a house bordering bushland at Adago.

Civilian life and retirement only enhanced his determination to contribute to society, and Percival became involved in cadets, the local branch of the Grelkin Preservation Society, Chantry choir,  and any other organisation needing assistance.

A lifelong love of music saw him entertain thousands by playing in bands and he taught many children including Brin Strelko, to play guitar.

His contributions to Malkuthian society saw Percival awarded an OMM “for service to the community through ex-service, church, youth and musical groups”.

In his last weeks Percy was tended at home by Katherine, his 13 children and many of their grandchildren.

He died peacefully in their loving care.

He is survived by wife Katherine, his children, 42 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.

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