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Remember Our Heroes.

Let us remember our heroes.

WE MUST never forget the high price of the freedom we value as Confederates. It is often borne in pain, tears and suffering.

That sad reality was apparent yesterday at the solemn memorial of Private Syrius Palmally, the young Byran soldier killed in yet another raid by Dark Spawn near the Byran Border with Goshen.

A young warrior’s death affects us all and many attended the Byran Memorial Service of the dedicated warrior known to his buddies as “Optimistic Palmally”.  Mourners included family, his buddies and Army Officer Lieutenant Jamieson Loughlin and Senate Leader Coltan Rossiene.

It was a challenging time for the new Senate Leader, who spoke at Palmally’s memorial  shortly after the being advised that yet another warrior had died in a roadside attack in Byra overnight.

The total number of soldiers lost this year currently stands at 57 soldiers in the ongoing war with the Dark Spawn.

Coltan Rossiene, speaking on behalf of all of us, put it well yesterday.

“There will be Byrans today who are asking themselves in the face of this loss, why as a state do we continue to pursue our mission of freedom,” he said.

“We pursue that mission because Byra is vigilant in the fight for freedom of the Confederacy.  If the Dark Spawn are not stopped here, they will spew across the borders and consume the Confederacy.”

“I believe Byra, while mourning our losses, understands our continuing determination in keeping the Confederacy of Malkuth free of the pestilence known as Dark Spawn.”

This state has never turned away from its duty to fight Dark Spawn. We have lost many good young men and women in that cause and sadly, we will certainly lose more.

Today, we remember all our fallen warriors with solemn pride and with eternal gratitude. Never should we forget their sacrifice that we may live free.

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