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Road and Track Conditions

Current Trouble Spot Status


Rutan Pass to Cefalu  

Open to light carts only with extreme care.

General Trouble Spot

Formed dirt road, commonly referred to as the Mountain Pass.  Numerous creek crossings encountered along this road.

Rainfall in excess of 20mm will prevent travel by all types of carts.

Adago to Byra (North of Adago City)

Adago Developmental Road to Byra, north of Adago City is open to all caravan carts only with care.

General Trouble Spot

Nug Creek (25kms North East of Adago City)- subject to flooding.

Rainfall in excess of 25mm will prevent travel by all types of carts.

City of Goshen to Byra

Goshen Byra Highway will be closed next week due to Dark Spawn attacks.

General Trouble Spot

Byran Mountain Pass situated on Goshen side of border is prone to flooding.

Kray Island road to Cefalu

No reported trouble spots reported at this time.

General Trouble Spot

Subject to flooding at various locations.

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