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Sebastianna’s Food for Thought.


Welcome Readers to my Food for Thought .  Maybe I should have called it Food for Your Stomach.

As I travel through the Confederacy of Malkuth, I have had the privilege of tasting a wide variety of foods and wines.  Some have been absolutely delightful, while others were, well, let’s say less memorable.  I wish to share with you some of the real treats however here and I hope you all enjoy them as much as I did when I was travelling.

The Food Recipe section is great for learning how to cook some great Malkuthian dishes while the Drinks section will give you that perfect drink for your dinner or next party.  The Review section is where I have given my opinions on food, wine, anything culinary really.  Please click the links below to navigate those pages.

Great Cooking!!!


  1. Fruit Trifle
  2. Byran Vanilla Custard
  3. Soldiers on Horseback


  1. Dark Spawn Bites


  1. Caff Valeria, Coffee you will die for.

Handy Hints:

  1. Handy Kitchen hints C-E

La Marquisse D’Arlesans, Sebastianna Dantalion

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