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Ser Gilmore tags along.

Ser Gilmore NPC Mod.

Our new section, Dragon Age Essentials, highlights User made mods for Dragon Age: Origins.

This edition, we would like to highlight, one of the first NPC mods, Ser Gilmore NPC by DLAN Immortality and her team.

This mod brings Ser Gilmore back as a party member to accompany you throughout the game.

Ser Gilmore is a Knight of Highever that appears in the Human Noble Origin. He was a Grey Warden hopeful but was left behind to guard the gates of the castle when it was attacked by Arl Howe.

By installing this mod in your Dragon Age: Origins game you will include:

  • More than 1700 dialog lines by Ser Gilmore! Pc initiated and Gilmore initiated talks; distributed throughout the game.
  • THREE different paths!! Friendship, committed romance (this is true love), or open relationship path (you can all have fun with other party members too) for both males and females. The three paths are different and lead to different endings!
  • Fun stories, gifts and interjections.
  • Different endings and epilogues.
  • Full voice over, cutscenes, face animation and what have you.
  • A NICE ending (for a change) 🙂 and future continuity in Awakening.

There are many different choices depending on origins!

+ If you are a human noble: Choose if you were friends or if you had a brief romance in your teenage years (until your parents found you kissing and were forced to separate).

+ If you just met him, get to know him!

+ Fall in love with him

+ …or have an open relationship,

+ …or be his friend.

+ Relive your childhood memories or find out about his family and his life at the castle!

This is a mod that has had a lot of thought put into it, and Immortality works hard to ensure compatibility with many other mods. She is always happy to hear from the players and help out and fix any issues as they arise.

Ser Gilmore is compatible with Dark Times: the Confederacy of Malkuth and it is being integrated into the world of Malkuth with Ser Gilmore having dialogues and quests in the Confederacy.   As Dark Times grows in the future, so will Ser Gilmore NPC mod and that is something which I think all fans of this mod will love.  What could be better than more of that red headed hunk, Ser Gilmore?

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