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Special Reports: Climate and weather, what is the difference?

Over future editions, we will be presenting a series of articles from the Maluthian Confederacy Bureau of Meteorology that will help us understand better, the climate of the Confederacy of Malkuth.

These reports will include, climate, marine and agricultural reports as well as a glossary of terms used.  We hope by the end of the series, you will understand better, the conditions that you will face in Malkuth.

Climate and weather: what is the difference?

The differences between climate and weather can be explained in a variety of ways.  Here are a few definitions to help better your understanding:

Climate is what you expect; weather is what you get.

Climate is about long-term records, trends and averages; weather is the day to day experience.

Climate is the sum of all the weather recorded over a long period of time.  It tells us the average or most common conditions, or extremes, or counts of events, or frequencies.  Weather is a description of conditions over a short period of time – a “snap shot” of the atmosphere at a particular time.

If weather is the watch then climate is the calendar.

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