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The Chant of Light burnt.

THE Chant of Light smoking Denerim Captain whose actions satirising holy book burning this week made Thedan headlines, has the backing of the Denerim Non Believers.

The group’s organiser Carlton Hustice told Dark Times Chronicle yesterday, although the Denerim Non Believers weren’t a party to the actions by Adam Dows – an assistant organiser with the club – he predicted other members would be supportive of the stunt.

”I can say that the members of our group, based on the posts on our noticeboard, are totally supportive of his actions and those of anyone else who uses non-violent means to expose the silliness of religious rites,” he said in an letter from Redcliffe.

”Although I am the organiser of the Denerim Non Believers, in no way can I claim to speak for all members of the group. We aren’t a political, lobby or religious style group.

”The only thing that ties us together is that we don’t believe there is evidence to suggest that a Maker exists.

”How individuals within the group deal with that fact is up to them.”

There is still no sign of the 30-year-old Ferelden Captain, who appears to have gone to ground since he took indefinite leave from his job when news of his actions broke on Thursday.

During his actions, Mr Dows used pages from the holy book as cigarette papers and said people shouldn’t be upset by the burning of religious books.

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