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The Dwarven/Dark Spawn Connection

It is well-known throughout the civilized peoples of Thedas that it was the arrogance of the Tevinter Imperium that caused the plague that is the Dark Spawn.  While most people have never encountered a Dark Spawn, all have heard of the death and devastation left in their wake.  Those who have seen Dark Spawn and live to tell the tale carry a feeling of persistent dread that their next encounter may not be as fortunate.

But the Chantry’s telling of the Tevinter legends only reveal how the first Dark Spawn came into being, not how their numbers continue to grow into vast hordes whose number dwarfs that of the surface-living peoples of Thedas.  Surely this mystery should give any intelligent person pause.

For those of us who bother to look more carefully, the explanation is clear.  Dwarves are servants of the Dark Spawn.  It was dwarves who, in their greed and lust for power, tunnelled deep into the rock releasing the first few tainted beings.  Seeing that the dwarves were already amoral in their belief that there was not Maker or Creator, the first Dark Spawn—remember, these were those very first exiled mages—saw an easy way to regain the empire they themselves lost.

Everyone knows that dwarves are carnal creatures, revelling in everything base and unseemly.  They worship themselves—their ancestors, and those who can drink the most, belch the loudest, a betray the largest number of family members.  How easy it must be for the Dark Spawn to lull the dwarves into complacency, using them as spies to the surface and the vehicle by which to create more of themselves.

This writer believes that the only way to really end a blight and prevent future blights, is to seal the dwarves underground along with their infernal masters.  Purge the dwarven cities with flame and then let the mages blast the city entrances into the Black City.  This, and only this, will free Thedas from the threat of both the Dark Spawn and the dwarves.

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