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The Grelkin Preservation Society

He claimed that by the time he heard the faint bleating of his ewes it was already too late. He went on to describe that the only thing he glimpsed was a flash of white loping into the nearby woods as fast as the wind. Hearing the poor old farmer detail his memory was enough to put me on the edge of my seat. And years ago this was an all too common story.  A tale that could be spun on the lips of any and all residents that called the edge of Widowmaker Woods their home.  In recent years however, we have seen a sharp decline in activity.

Feared for stealing infants in the night and reviled as devils that inhabit the deep woods the grelkin is a vicious animal whose past is steeped in legend.  Perhaps they are an offshoot of the lycanthropic sickness responsible for turning a normal man into a werewolf.  Whatever the origin their current nature is nothing to scoff at.  Ensconced in white, they may appear to be majestic and beautiful, in reality however, they are extremely aggressive in comparison to a normal wolf.  Though perhaps not the worst to fear in the woods; it is best to avoid one.

Despite all of this, a group founding themselves on the protection and preservation of their kind has been established in this confederacy.  Calling themselves simply the “Grelkin Preservation Society”, their mission statement is as follows:

“The Grelkin Preservation Society’s mission is to protect the grelkin kind, for they represent an integral part of the local ecosystem.”

No doubt this inspires many different feelings to the people of the confederacy.  Certainly the residents outside of Widowmaker Woods feel that their existence is a gross misuse of funding and time. But also the fur traders that deal in the pelts of the animal.  An animal not found outside the confederacy and as such make for valuable exporting.

I have had the fortunate chance to speak to several members.  Many claim that the decline in attacks is not simply based on the migration of the beast but because their kind is soon to be on the path to extinction.  There are mixed feelings on that outcome as it directly affects the livelihood of many different people from all echelons of society.  Members of the group believe that currently the grelkin are on a slippery slope.  Dangerously close to a precipice of irreversible change.

“They should be feared. They should also be respected for the magnificent animal that they are.”

“They have been here as long as the confederacy has existed.  We don’t have the right to snuff them out of existence merely because WE are encroaching on their ancestral territory.”

Whether or not the group will succeed in their mission is as of yet unknown.  Is this truly the creature of disdain that we all thought we knew?  Or could it possibly be a misunderstood animal that is desperately trying to eke out a living on the encroaching human lands?

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