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Walking Holiday in Widowmaker Woods.

Why should you take a walking holiday?

Here is the official line….

Walking holidays in Widowmaker Woods are great. There are thigh-tremblingly steep mountain walks and gentle valley strolls, gloriously muddy nature trails for children, and grassy cliff tops for grownups who are looking to blow off a few cobwebs. There’s something for everyone.

OK thats fine….’  we hear you say

‘But I get the same PR blurb from other Malkuthian Walking destinations, whats so special about Widowmaker Woods?’  We hear you ask and Team Z asked ourselves the same question.  

Is Widowmaker Woods truly a fantastic place to go for a Walking break ?

So Team Z did what any customer should do and went online, looked for real reviews of real walking holidays, by real people who love walking.

Team Z were pleasantly surprised by what we found and so have picked out some stories for you that mix excellent walking with a bit of local culture and folklore. We hope that you will seek out some more for yourself.

Story #1  Adago Escapees

Christoff and Annalisa from Adago share their experience of a weekend walking the Widowmaker Woods:

After a ridiculously big breakfast, we set off to find the start of the waterfalls loop near what we believe was the entrance to the woods. We decided against the 6.4km loop of the lower track and choose to add on a 15.3 km route that included a few more falls and an area of rolling tree lined hills. This was a fantastic walk that covered so many different scenic views.

Story #2  Journey to the Ogres Tomb

Niddy and her friends braved the Widowmaker Woods ridge walk on a birthday weekend for her younger brother, and found more local legends waiting for them at the top.

Situated at the top of the ridge is the tomb of Arelesha Rawr, an ogre who would kill kings and make clothess out of their hair, including beards. (Apparently the ogre was defeated when a Grey Warden climbed to the top of the ridge and killed him).

It wasn’t all myth and magic for Niddy, but the ridge route is great for those looking for a challenge!

The walk is officially graded as a ‘Grade 1 ‘Scramble”. What is a ’scramble’? A ’scramble’ is essentially, a ‘walk’ that lies between a walk and a really hard walk. Scrambles are graded from 1 (easiest) to 3 (hardest), but a basic requirement of all of them is that the ascent requires use of your hands (for more than just balance). If only I had known this before I dismissed the ‘hard’ ranking with a flippant ‘Hard? Schmard.’

So why not try Widowmaker Woods for your next walking adventure, but please be advised that the woods are home to the ever unpopular Grelkin.  Please take the appropriate weapons to defend yourselves. 

Z:Ian (Team Z dev Team member)

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