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Wife Drought in Cefalu

For over a decade, the women of Cefalu have been disappearing.  A new report suggests that, as a direct result of these disappearances, increasing numbers of Cefalu men are marrying foreigners.

“Since the beginning of the decade, more and more men in Cefalu are looking to other Confederate States and towns to find a wife,” wrote Hollohan, in the Journal of Migrating Trends for Confederate Census (MTCC).

According to Hollohan’s report, 25 percent of the wives in Cefalu were born outside the State.  In fact, foreign brides represent the second largest group of migrants in the State.  Only the transitionary Shadow Company soldiers represent a larger segment of migrant population.

Hollohan from the Museum of Light

Hollohan claims that, “With women’s disappearances rising, so too was their availability for marriage, but increasing numbers of remaining Cefalu women are unwilling to settle into the traditional marital role of wife.  Many prefer to keep their jobs and remain single.”

He continues, “Men, however, have the paternal responsibility of producing sons.  They cannot remain bachelors, so it should be no surprise the men would look for their brides elsewhere.”

The foreign brides generally came from other Confederacy States and towns and even further afield, some from as far as Ferelden.  Though some observers have expressed fears that some of the brides may be victims of people trafficking, Hollohan disputes this claim, saying “The great majority of migrant women marry of their own accord, under no parental pressures.  Their objectives are both to marry as well as migrate.”

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